fieldmargin launches DroneDeploy to plan flights


Drones are becoming an increasingly important bit of kit on farms, allowing farmers to collect real time imagery of what is happening on the ground quickly and easily. But once you’ve collected this data how do you put it to use?

DroneDeploy integrates with fieldmargin
Drone image of field amended with areas to investigate showing how DroneDeploy integrates with fieldmargin

DroneDeploy makes it easy to plan drone flights and convert the images from them to maps. fieldmargin’s integration with DroneDeploy lets you plan drone flights using your existing field boundaries and to view the resulting maps in context alongside the rest of your fieldmargin data.

Once you have imported your maps from DroneDeploy you can use them to:

  • Track changes in your fields over time
 – imported drone maps appear on your field in chronological order so you can track their performance over time.
  • See the impact that that issues you have noted are having on performance – 
existing notes are overlaid on your map so you can see what effect the waterlogging you noted over the winter has had on crop health.
  • Identify problem areas to investigate
 – make notes about areas showing problems such as poor growth so that you can target your work on the ground to investigate the cause.
  • Cross reference with other mapping data
 – overlay your drone maps with other mapping data such as yield and drainage maps to help identify the causes of problems.

More advanced agriculture-specific functionality includes:
• Crop health measurement with RGB and vegetation indexes.
• Measure slopes, stockpiles, rooftops and more with volume, slope, surface distance and surface area calculations.
• Automated reports of fields of crops, including stand count and plant populations.
• NDVI analysis to identify areas of crop stress.

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