Fogging improves packhouse hygiene and controls contamination

Ozo Innovations' eloclear in useReducing microbes and pathogens on fresh produce improves product safety and extends shelf life of fresh produce. Ozo Innovations has demonstrated it can provide a significant improvement over existing wash systems using electrolysed water.

It will be showcasing some of its latest technology within the REAP 2017 technology exhibition.

Ozo has recently launched eloclear, an innovative way to improve packhouse hygiene.

Rowan Gardner, CEO of Ozo Innovations, says: “Packhouses are large and often difficult places to keep clean. Moulds, yeasts and bacteria can multiply on walls, floors, air handling surfaces and cold stores. As a result produce delivered from the field can become cross contaminated during storage and packing.

eloclear from Ozo InnovationsOzo’s solution eloclear is a professional food industry biocide for use as a cleaning solution and a terminal disinfectant.

Regularly fogging with eloclear kills bacteria, viruses, yeast and mould helping to reduce spoilage and waste, increase produce shelf. life.

Ozo Innovations' elofoggerTo help evaluate the impact of the eloclear fogging process, Ozo Innovations is working with a number of fresh produce packing companies in a range of environments.

Rowan continues: “This is the first stage of a significant programme of research, we plan to characterise our results using advanced metagenomic profiling of microflora on fresh produce and in packhouse environments.”

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