Diesel Dynamics: GROW 2015 finalist


Diesel Dynamics (DDL), based at Hethel Engineering, already had three proof of concept pilots running to show how bio-fuels can be adopted for agricultural equipment and fleets when it entered GROW. One pilot was at a brewery famed for its green credentials, and another was on an organic farm.

George Kohler of DDL describes the benefits of participating in GROW:

Quote marks open ATE greenGeorge Kohler, DDLParticipating in the Agri-Tech GROW Business Plan Competition was a positive step in DDL’s commercial journey. The sharp focus and concentrated effort required to develop a credible plan worthy of high calibre external scrutiny provided an excellent opportunity to critically assess and refine our business model and associated understanding of future growth.

From initial submission, through to a very useful coaching session with other finalists before subsequently pitching to the judges, each stage was beneficial to our business. The GROW competition has had positive impacts, both internally and externally. We now have a much better appreciation of our business and its future direction, with significantly enhanced exposure for our company and its solutions.

Success at the final capped the experience, raising DDL’s profile with wide media coverage of the event. It gave independent validation of our business model and plan with constructive developmental guidance from highly successful business leaders. This has reinforced our credibility, generating subsequent investment interest in DDL.

Since the competition, DDL are now members of notable business groups; Cambridge Network, Cambridge Cleantech and the Norfolk Network, with referrals to prospective clients and wider PR for our business.

We are in ongoing discussions with two successful investment groups and have developed a much closer working relationship with Anglia Farmers, opening the door to a wide potential client base and solid promotion for our technology.

The technology itself is proving very robust and out-performing expectations. Our demonstration vehicle has now covered 23,000 miles, operating seamlessly on both LPG and CNG/biomethane diesel mixes, with performance increased from 27 MPG to 42+ MPG plus better torque and zero smoke emissions.

This has reinforced our position with our early adopters and our biomethane solutions are now on the cusp of delivery.

It has also generated further interest, enabling us to extend our applications beyond agriculture, including freight and bus operators, and pioneering work in the construction industry with a large plant company keen to apply DDL solutions to save money and address harmful emissions.

The Agri-Tech GROW Competition has proven well worth the effort, helping germinate the seed from which we are now cultivating our future success.Quote marks close ATE green

Find out more about DDL at www.dieseldltd.com/



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