Innovation For An Agricultural Revolution: REAP 2016 report


New thinking was in abundance at REAP 2016 and we’ve captured the key points in our post-conference report, launched today. It is clear that for agriculture to realise its full productive, economic and environmental potential, we need to make changes – however it can be difficult to imagine how to do things differently.

The REAP 2016 programme was designed to bring together experts from agriculture, as well as other industries and other geographies, to inspire us with new perspectives. From challenges to manage soils more sensitively, to robotics, predictive crop modelling and pest forecasting and management, REAP 2016 brought together some of the opinion formers from the UK and beyond.

You can view the report from the embedded viewer below or at this link, and download it here. – and don’t forget to put Tuesday November 7th 2017 in your diary for REAP 2017!

You can also take a look at our other REAP reports from our Publications page.

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