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You won’t be sitting down at our Young Innovators’ Forum conference. The theme is “Leading Change Through Innovation”, and it will include interactive sessions, workshops and tips on how to communicate better through film.

Save the date 23rd March 2018 and  take a look at what we did last Spring ….

About Young Innovators’ Forum (YIF)

Agri-Tech East’s Young Innovators’ Forum is kindly sponsored by The Morley Agricultural Foundation and aims to help young farmers, scientists and industry entrants understand more about each other’s worlds. It organises free to attend, informal events in the lab and the field which aim to help bridge the gap between research and production.

Coordinator Becky Dodds says: “Over the past year alone, we’ve visited a mushroom farm, field variety trials, potato trials, an anaerobic digester and a research farm, in addition to the first Conference held at The Morley Agricultural Foundation (see past blogs).

“It’s been a busy year with lots of new and familiar faces attending the events from institutes such as the University of Cambridge and John Innes Centre, to young farmers in Norfolk and Cambridge and career entrants working at Brown & Co, Bayer and NIAB to name but a few.

“What has really struck me over the year is the enthusiasm and curiosity of the Forum – several our hosts were encouraged by the number of questions that were asked and subsequent discussions. For example, a farmer commented how much she would love a programme to automatically calculate various factors for her – and a student in the audience said it would be a good work placement for a data scientist for a few weeks to produce it!

“It’s these kinds of connections and opportunities we would like the Forum to generate that might not otherwise have come to fruition.

“We’re currently in the middle of planning our 2018 events for the Forum, but we do have a visit lined up to NIAB’s Eastern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub to look at reducing waste in the supply chain as well as entrepreneurship and commercialising a business idea.

“Plans for our 2018 conference are starting to come together – including keynote speaker Susie Emmett and a workshop on quantifying soil health.

“With farm visits, trial open days and research centre visits on the horizon, make sure to keep an eye on our YIF page or sign up to receive the quarterly YIF newsletter.”

Anyone relatively new to the industry is welcome to join in at these events – for more information please email [email protected]

Events are free to attend and open to all – find out more at

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