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J F Temple and Son is a mixed farm in Norfolk of about 550 acres, with arable, a dairy herd, anaerobic digestion and cheesemaking. The business is tightly integrated, with the byproducts from one section supplying the inputs to others with the aim of minimising waste. Reduction of greenhouse gas and other emissions is a major objective of the business, through generation and utilisation of energy.

I am looking for someone to gradually relieve me of my workload, which involves maintenance and development of the engineering aspects of the farm.

In particular, the anaerobic digester needs looking after in terms of software maintenance (PLC  and HMI programming, although anyone with some programming experience will pick it up quickly), mechanical maintenance including improvements to reduce maintenance, and process control.

There are also other systems that need looking after and development in mechanical and electrical aspects, such as the water supply, irrigation pump controls and farm machine controls for example the bale wrapper, and maize drill tramlining kit.

There will always be development programmes to work on. At present we are developing acidification of digestate to reduce pollution and increase fertiliser value. Another project is to utilise our hot water system to pasturise the milk we feed to the baby calves, to reduce the possibility of disease transmission. We are also looking at the possibility of converting an telehandler to electric power.

The cheese room needs its heating and cooling systems looking after, as well as the pasteuriser, ozone and other equipment.

The computer, CCTV and telecoms side of the business needs support, in terms of the physical infrastructure, hardware and software.

Input to the management of the business, in terms of keeping records of key performance indicators and monitoring the operation of the business as a whole would form an important component of the job.

We would like to find someone who would be interested in taking on part of the business, obviously this would not be an immediate move but could evolve once we and the person develop trust in each other.

For further information, or expression of interest, please email [email protected]

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