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Pix4D is a dynamic and rapidly expanding software company with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and local offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Berlin, and Madrid. The company develops a line of end-to-end mapping solutions which convert images into georeferenced maps and models. Using advanced algorithms based on computer vision and photogrammetry, Pix4D offers survey-grade accuracy, as well as a unique bundle of desktop and cloud processing.

Pix4D Berlin office specializes in applications and solutions that solve problems for users in Digital Farming, Agronomy, Agribusiness, Forestry, and Environmental Monitoring. By using drone data, computer vision, machine learning, and data analytics, Pix4D helps users to unlock the full yield potential of their crops, make fast and focused management decisions, significantly optimize daily recurring tasks at trial plots locations and generate accurate and granular maps.


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Roboscientific Limited is developing the next generation sensors for Volatile Organic Compounds.  Using proven technology to deliver fast and reliable information to farmers about the status of their livestock, poultry and crops.

This next generation of VOC sensing, from Roboscientific,  informs farmers what diseases their poultry has just developed, when their stored crops of potatoes, onions, etc. are beginning to deteriorate, whether grain has been contaminated – and much more.

Roboscientific is committed to improving the quality of crops, health of livestock and chickens, increasing farming yields and reducing wastage.




FOTENIX is an agricultural diagnostics company, looking to provide farm machinery with deterministic sensing. The tractor-mounted technology uses manipulated colours of light combined with embedded artificial intelligence to detect plant status, such as nutrient or disease levels, and inform selective application sprayers or automated harvesters based on a real-time result.

Their bespoke camera technology was developed specifically for plant material and can translate the latest laboratory techniques into the field and provide measurements when they are needed most, at the application site. A FOTENIX enabled system will provide the ability for the next level of precision farming, and the cloud platform will enable agronomic insights based on the inputs used.

FOLIUM Science

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FOLIUM Science leads the way in bioscience technology for the healthy biotic era. With game-changing science that harnesses naturally occurring mechanisms to selectively remove unwanted pathogenic bacteria, FOLIUM Science is working to deliver increased productivity at all points in the food and agriculture value chain.

FOLIUM Science has developed Guided Biotics ™, a unique and patented alternative technology to antibiotics. Our Guided Biotics ™ deliver precision control within complex microbiomes by selective removal of unwanted bacteria.

Application in animals is as an additive to feed or drinking water. FOLIUM Science is developing products for use in poultry, cattle, swine and aquaculture.

Application in plants will remove unwanted pathogens and spoilage organisms and support greater productivity.

Our technology can also help to condition soil with inoculators that maintain beneficial bacterial species.

Trials of the technology are proving successful. In-vivo trials have demonstrated substantial log reductions in the presence of Salmonella in poultry.

FOLIUM Science is supported by investors and by Innovate UK and works in collaboration with The Quadram Centre, Rothamsted Institute, University of Bristol and John Innes Centre. FOLIUM Science is developing relationships with animal nutrition and agri-businesses for the commercial development of the technology. FOLIUM Science is based at UnitDX in Bristol.

Follow FOLIUM Science on Twitter: @FoliumScience

Small Robot Company

Small Robot Company

We’re an agri-tech start up commercialising a deceptively simple idea: small robots not big tractors.

We are building robots that will seed and care for each individual plant in your crop. They will only feed and spray the plants that need it, giving them the perfect levels nutrients and support, with no waste.

Our robots are being designed and built by farmers, for farmers.

Micromix Plant Health

Micromix Plant Health logo

Micromix Plant Health Ltd is a UK manufacturer of biostimulants and speciality fertilisers. We take a holistic view of plant health to improve crop yields using biostimulants and targeted crop nutrition products to reduce reliance on chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Our unique technologies include the AMIX uptake system which uses bio-mimicry to get products into the plant and offers significant nutrient efficiency, uptake, translocation and efficacy benefits over other formulation types. Plants see AMIX as a native ingredient and actively absorb it through the leaf, rather than relying on passive uptake as with most other foliar nutrition products.

Our powder nutrition products are based on our ACIDplex technology system that will ensure fast and efficient coverage, adhesion and uptake of the micronutrient at a competitive price.

Multi-N is a unique foliar nitrogen product that does not scorch and can achieve N use efficiencies of up to 90%. Trials have shown we can achieve a 25% reduction in total N applied, whilst seeing no reduction in yields.

Our technologies are science-based, fully research, tested and proven in field trials in varying conditions around the world, before launching on the market.

Martin Lishman Ltd

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Martin Lishman Ltd has over 40 years’ experience of designing and producing crop storage and quality control products that reduce post-harvest losses, increase quality and save time and money. We have developed many agri-tech solutions to help solve these key issues, but at the forefront has been the need for solutions that are practical, low-cost and that will improve the user’s business.

Our modular crop ventilation system combines vertical ducts, known as Pile-Dry Pedestals, high efficiency fans and Barn Owl Wireless cloud-based remote monitoring and automatic fan control. Crops are cooled quickly and economically, while avoiding costly rejections due to high temperatures or insects.

Our potato quality control range includes the TuberLog electronic potato which identifies damage and bruising sources. Bruising levels are assessed with our Potato Hot Box. Dry matter, sugar levels, size measurement and temperature monitoring, are all aspects of our range.

Our latest innovation – ImpacTrack – is a temperature and impact logger that monitors and records damage to delicate produce such as avocados and apples. Using 3D printing technology, we can encase the logger in virtually any food shape. Users track the logger through the entire post-harvest supply chain, leading to less waste and higher production yields.


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Cambond is a Cambridge-based cleantech start-up company.

Cambond has developed a patented technology platform to transform low-carbon agricultural biomass into a green glue to reduce the application of toxic formaldehyde and oil based multiple-billion pound wood adhesives for wood panel industry.

The biomass is readily available (for example algae, Distiller’s Dry Grains and Solubles – DDGS and any other protein containing biomaterials) and can be used in a manufacturing process that is simple, clean, free of toxic waste and releases 80% less CO2 during manufacture. Additionally, it can bind abundant agricultural waste such as straw fibre, linseed fibre, heap fibre and used coffee ground, bamboo fibre to make light and strong biocomposites for pallets, packaging materials and compostable soil-friendly plates and pots for plant growth. The resulted products will be eco-friendly, cost effective and easier to re­cycle.

Cambond is a UK Rushlight winning company and supported by European Climate-Kic Accelerator Program based in ICL. In 2017, Cambond is the Shell Springboard Regional Winner for it’s low carbon and sustainable business. The CamCup,  the world first made from spent coffee and plant materials, won the Coffee Excellence Award in Coffee Shop Innovation Expo in London on 26th Sept 2018.


Double featured logo

Double builds companies. Occasionally on our own, more usually with others. Sometimes part of the founding team, sometimes working with established companies to help get things moving.

What do we bring to the team? Experience, creativity, pragmatism & fairness. Good networks. An ability to roll with the punches and to keep going when things get tough.

We believe in the importance of creatively understanding the end-user and the market. Others can innovate on the science (although we may be able to help there too), but we try to understand and explore the connections between that science and what people really need. Whether that need is obvious or latent.

Itaka Crop Solution


Founded in 2014, Itaka Crop Solution has rapidly become a European leader in inputs for organic farming.

Our solutions can equally be integrated in conventional farming to achieve “zero residue”. Itaka’s philosophy is based on environmental responsibility, operator safety and growing consumer demand for cleaner products. Our solutions integrate the use of microorganisms, plant extracts, bio-stimulants and minerals. Our programs are tailored to individual farms, based on history, cropping rotations and current programs. Each farm presents a unique set of conditions and opportunities, requiring individual attention.

We provide:

  • Innovation based on our own R&D capacity and a large research network for best production composition and formulation
  • Production quality to optimise results in the fields
  • Zero-Residue programs for plant nutrition and prevention of adversities to meet market requirements
  • Field assistance through a dedicated technical team to confirm product validity in every situation and ensuring follow-up for individual farms
  • Our solutions are supported by independent research institutes and tested on-farm.

Itaka is a key partner and stakeholder in international research programs on sustainable farming, such as Bresov, Solace and Liveseed. Itaka is owned by GiLoGi’s Holding Ltd (UK).

Find out more at www.itakacropsolution.com/en or contact us on: 07437-584661

Wroot Water Limited

wroot water logo

Wroot Water Limited was started 20 years ago when, as a medium size potato grower and  following  the drought in the mid 90s, we found ourselves subject to restrictions on our ability to  irrigate. These restrictions led to us having to look at alternative methods of irrigation which enabled us to use water more efficiently. Many alternative irrigation systems appeared to apply water too fast thereby increasing run-off, resulting in soil erosion and also water logging.

We looked at drip irrigation and decided to invest in a Drip Irrigation system. One problem encountered was that Drip Irrigation was in its infancy in the UK,  it appeared to be very labour intensive and to use the system correctly would require a steep learning curve.

Over the last 20 years we have developed a modular system that is used widely throughout the whole of the UK on drip irrigated potatoes and other field crops using both one year drip tape and multi season hard hose. We offer a full and comprehensive service to our customers with an initial meeting to discuss what crops are to be irrigated and most importantly the water source to be used. We thereby ensure that there is enough water to operate the system efficiently.

We have found that the key to Efficient Irrigation is:-

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Correct equipment
  • Know your Crop requirements
  • Good management
  • Work with a company who are committed to both service and back-up

At Wroot Water we have designed and manufactured Tape Laying machines to enable the easy installation of Drip Tape and Hard Hose, together with our Retrieval machines which allow efficient retrieval at the end of the growing season.

We also design and supply solid set sprinklers for the irrigation of sandy soils and undulating ground. This is an overhead irrigation system that is very good at matching soil infiltration rate with irrigation water application rate, which is very important in all irrigation as you need to get the water into the root area where the crop used the water. We also specialise in water filtration and water pumping systems for irrigation and dirty water, We have developed a UV filtration system designed initially for the treatment of  Brown Rot and which is now widely used for salad crops.

In addition we offer a full Crop Soil Moisture Monitoring Service with Automated Data Loggers that show soil moisture and rainfall, however I would not recommend any grower to rely on these systems 100% as there is no substitute for “mud on your boots”.

Our customer base has grown year on year and our Customers have seen increased profitability of the crops grown and have been able to secure the highest premiums. As a company we are able to offer many solutions and advice for a wide range of Customer requirements from automated drip, sprinkler and pumping systems and we are always looking for new technology to increase efficiency and productivity for the grower.

We offer a full out of season service plan for all our customers where we are able to offer a collection service for  filters and valves back to our  Servicing Facility. We are then able to test, carry out any repairs and remedial work and ensure that the equipment is working correctly and deliver them back in readiness for the coming season and delivery.

Find out more http://wrootwater.com/

B-hive Innovations Ltd

B-Hive Logo

B-hive Innovations Ltd was created by Branston as a stand-alone agritech business to solve the real challenges facing the fresh produce industry, as part of their role as a leading supplier to the supermarkets.

Innovation is key to the food industry.  It helps us to grow and tackle key challenges such as:

  • Increase marketable yield
  • Enhance produce quality
  • Add value to the business
  • Reduce food and energy waste

B-hive achieve this by creating and innovating new technologies and applying science.

With increased success in the use of our technologies, B-hive now stands on its own two feet and moved to the Lincoln Science and Innovation Park in 2018. Our agri-innovations and food-innovations can be used by the whole fresh produce chain and it is important that as an agritech business we develop new relationships and build on existing collaborations to grow as a business.

B-hive Team is made up of experienced science, engineering and project management professionals, supported by a commercialisation team, with in-depth knowledge and experience of solving real day to day fresh produce and agricultural industry issues.

Find out more at www.b-hiveinnovations.co.uk, and find us on Twitter @BhiveInnovation