Green Biologics

Green Biologics Ltd has been operating as an industrial biotechnology company with an emphasis on sustainable technologies since 2003. Our original focus was on production of bio-chemicals, in particular butanol and acetone, through fermentation using Clostridia microbes. We’ve taken our technology from the bench through to commercial scale production, demonstrating performance advantages of the bio-based molecules over petro-derived equivalents.

As our technology has progressed we have developed unique tools that enable us to manipulate and evolve these historically intractable soil microbes for a much wider range of applications. Our R&D team is based in Oxfordshire and comprises experts in molecular biology, protein biochemistry, fermentation and enzyme chemistry.

Glaia Ltd

Glaia develops nanotechnology-based solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Our mission is to enhance agricultural productivity and reduce pressure on natural resources by optimising plants’ performance. Our first family of products, the sugar-dots, enhance plants’ photosynthesis, the bottleneck in biomass production.

Our technology increases crop yields and allows crops to be farmed outside their traditional growing regions by simply applying it alongside traditional farming treatments.


We combine digital strategy, technology and design to build digital products that solve complex problems.
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Square Mile Farms

sqaure mile farms Logo

Square Mile Farms is developing the concept of an urban farm network to offer ultra-fresh, delicious and nutritious produce directly to customers. We’re doing this by developing technology and platform that enable us to rapidly install controlled environment farms in multiple locations in the heart of the city, within a square mile of our customers. We are on a mission to make food production sustainable, nutritious and local again, empowering local communities in the process.


H2O-ganics logo colour

H2O-ganics uses a unique combination of clean room technology and moving vertical hydroponics to produce a variety of food and non food products year-round. This provides reliable, consistent supply to our customers and food products that have fantastic shelf life and quality.

Drone AG

Drone AG Logo

Drone Ag Limited is a UK based team of farmers, agronomists, drone pilots and software engineers that provide drone training courses and easy-to-use software solutions that help make farming more efficient, with less hassle.


Skippy Scout is Drone Ag’s new software platform. It is the only app that automates leaf-level crop data collection using drones and interprets it using AI, and it does it in real-time.Take a look at their crowdfunding page:


Pitch: Invest in Skippy Scout from Drone Ag from Drone AG on Vimeo.

“The company vision: Automated drones will guide automated ground machinery and drone sprayers to target specific areas of fields at exactly the right time. This will reduce costs and chemical use, maximise yields, minimise soil damage and optimise fuel efficiency”


enLight Logo

The agricultural industry is increasingly reliant on critical decisions based on accurate, real-time data collection. Being able to monitor a whole range of sensors isn’t always easy, especially for today’s large-scale farming enterprises, which are rarely built in perfect circles around a central hub.

enLight® has been a technology pioneer for more than two decades. Our scalable environment-monitoring and control platform has brought energy efficiency to cities, commercial facilities and communities – our agritech sensors provide real-time data for the agricultural industry across large acreages, giving you the capability to monitor irrigation, energy usage, water pressure, grain storage, soil pH, pumping systems, light levels, animal tracking, vehicle use… to name just a few. But we take this a stage further than others, giving you the ability to control assets as well as monitor them – one simple, effective example is that instead of spending time and money driving all the way across the estate to see whether a set of lights has been left on, you can not only see whether they’re on or off but also control them remotely.

enLight’s philosophy is different – before bringing our products to market, we worked with key partners and advisors in order to understand the needs and practical requirements of agricultural enterprises, using an actual large-scale farm as a testing ground. These collaborations are ongoing, as we want to make sure we meet the agritech needs of modern farms as they arise. We don’t expect you to re-equip your agricultural organisation, replacing existing assets – we are commercially as well as technically aware. We always strive to upgrade if possible.

enLight believes that integration and collaboration are just as important as data collection. Our API creates a dashboard that allows farming professionals to visualise all data streams in one place.

Using our fit-for-purpose Internet of Things radio network, enTalk®, saves overall costs. Perhaps you have older plant and equipment that represents an integral part of your operation but can’t currently be monitored or controlled, and the cost of replacing these assets is extremely high. Our in-house production and design capabilities mean we can create bespoke devices and applications if required to ensure you can retrieve, act upon and control data from all available sources.

If you want to know more, give us a call on +44 (0) 1508 521227, email us on or visit


smartbell logo

Smartbell offers an enterprise IoT and Artificial Intelligence based solution for livestock rearing and management. The fully automated system includes distress alerts, herd analysis, tracking across the value chain and customised management reports. The system uses advanced analytics on data gathered from animal wearables for early detection of issues. Smartbell also cross references regional data to better understand resource utilisation and promote proven best practices to reduce the negative environmental impacts of livestock rearing through increased resource utilization efficiencies.

Farmers will be able to leverage the simple to use animal wearable and companion mobile app for optimizing their outcomes.

Enterprises can ensure uniformity of quality and sustainability in their supply chain and trace the products through the value chain

Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants creates and delivers breakthrough products and services for clients worldwide – from established multinational companies to innovative start-ups. We help bridge the gap between early stage technologies from academia/start-ups and end users looking for solutions that cannot be found from existing suppliers. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, we use the skills and experience of our 800 engineers, scientists, mathematicians and designers to de-risk and build novel robotics and AI driven systems and manage the transfer of the solutions through to mass market production.

Mamut: The autonomous robot in the field of agritech from Cambridge Consultants on Vimeo.


sencrop logo

Sencrop aims to provide all farmers with affordable, easy-to-use technology to collect and manage weather data from their fields.

With simple installation and a user-friendly application, Sencrop’s weather stations — connected rain gauges, anemometers, leaf wetness trackers — provide high-quality, local measurements so that farmers can track their data in real time, set alerts, and react quickly in case of risks to crops.

The stations can also connect to disease or farm management models. Every 15 minutes, weather statistics are collected and sent directly to the app over a revolutionary low power, long-range network.

This network, designed especially for connected objects, has enabled Sencrop to design the most efficient stations and data collection technology with less frills, passing the savings along to the farmers. With a growing community of over 5000 connected farmers across Europe, effective and environmentally-friendly precision farming practices have never been so simple.


Pix4D logo

Pix4D is a dynamic and rapidly expanding software company with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and local offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Berlin, and Madrid. The company develops a line of end-to-end mapping solutions which convert images into georeferenced maps and models. Using advanced algorithms based on computer vision and photogrammetry, Pix4D offers survey-grade accuracy, as well as a unique bundle of desktop and cloud processing.

Pix4D Berlin office specializes in applications and solutions that solve problems for users in Digital Farming, Agronomy, Agribusiness, Forestry, and Environmental Monitoring. By using drone data, computer vision, machine learning, and data analytics, Pix4D helps users to unlock the full yield potential of their crops, make fast and focused management decisions, significantly optimize daily recurring tasks at trial plots locations and generate accurate and granular maps.


Roboscientific logo

Roboscientific Limited is developing the next generation sensors for Volatile Organic Compounds.  Using proven technology to deliver fast and reliable information to farmers about the status of their livestock, poultry and crops.

This next generation of VOC sensing, from Roboscientific,  informs farmers what diseases their poultry has just developed, when their stored crops of potatoes, onions, etc. are beginning to deteriorate, whether grain has been contaminated – and much more.

Roboscientific is committed to improving the quality of crops, health of livestock and chickens, increasing farming yields and reducing wastage.