Members shortlisted for the Cambridge Independent Sci & Tech Awards


Delighted that three of the four finalists in the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards are companies that we have seen grow as members of Agri-Tech East

Dogtooth Technologies – has created a strawberry picking robot. It made a dramatic entry into our REAP Start-up Showcase, which aims to identify early stage companies with promising technologies.

Strawberries are grown undercover which makes a good environment for robotics however the big challenge comes in identifying ripe fruit and picking it so gently that the fruit is harvested without bruising.

KisanHub – presented at our first Pollinator event. It has created a cloud-based, integrated software platform that allows farmers to make informed decisions about their day-to-day operations and markets. It gained its initial funding from the Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative, followed by a $1 million seed round that included NIAB, a current customer and strategic partner. The company already has a vibrant user base with over a thousand farmers and many large enterprises.

Agrimetrics – aims to make agri-food data user-centric by providing a single point of access to a diverse selection of datasets. It was featured in our first Agri-Tech Week shortly after it launched and has also exhibited at REAP.

Having an agri-tech category in these technology awards shows the traction that the sector is making.  The category is sponsored by SmithsonHill who are also members.



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