Minette Batters, President of NFU, gets update on Agri-Tech


Minette Batters NFUIt was a pleasure to meet Minette Batters who has just completed her first 100 days as the NFU president.  We gave her a short tour of the Innovation Hub to show the diversity of technologies being developed here.

She later spoke to Chris Hill of the EDP and said that a key concern among farmers at the Royal Norfolk Show was business uncertainty.

“There has been a diversity of opinion here. A lot of people are embracing the opportunities and some are very nervous about what lies ahead.

“Farmers are a pretty resilient bunch and they are used to evolving. There is definitely going to be a change and it is a question of whether they are going to get on the train and embrace that change.”

BBRO electronic sugar beet
Vicky Foster says electronic sugar beet will provide new insights

Innovations on show included ways of providing alerts to farmers through imaging, sensors and trackers that allow remote monitoring of plants and livestock and fine control of their environment.  These types of technology can make the incremental improvements that reduce risk and improve productivity.

Sponsors of the Innovation Hub, BBRO were showing an electronic beet that could be used to understand the impact of the harvester on sugar beet.

Vicky Foster of BBRO explained that some varieties  are more sensitive to handling than others.  Improving the design of the harvester informed by the electronic beet could reduce loss at harvest.




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