Offering smarter decisions at REAP


The REAP technology exhibition showcase new innovations, technologies and equipment that will transform the industry.

Here is an overview of some of our exhibitors this year

30MHz – Smart sensing for agriculture

30MHz offers a wireless sensor network that provides growers with everything they need to monitor their crops, growing environment and post-harvest storage.

Customers choose the smart sensors they require and 30MHz provides a private, scalable wireless network complete with an intuitive analytics platform and real time alerts.

30MHz customers see quick paybacks with 5 per cent energy savings and reduced pesticide usage.

Agrimetrics – using data to inspire new solutions

Agrimetrics Field ExplorerAgrimetrics has developed a new suite of products Field Explorer, which provide a single point of access to data on weather, cropping and soil.

These datasets together with its work in interpreting land use and land cover from aerial and satellite assessments will be invaluable to the industry as it moves forward. As determining how best to use land for both ecosystem services and food production is a key theme in Defra’s recent consultation and is expected to be important in determining future payments to farmers and growers.

Analytik – innovative scientific instruments

Analytik provides a range of scientific instruments for agri-food supported by consultancy services to tailor the solution for the client.

Applications include:

  • Hyperspectral imaging for disease and weed mapping, monitoring crop growth rate and density, canopy cover.
  • Multispectral Imaging for analysing meat, detecting food fraud and monitoring ripeness.
  • Remote sensing for use in crop and soil research, plant physiology and ecology

Consus Fresh Solutions – field to shelf traceability and quality control

Consus software has been designed to help improve the management of packing processes, cutting waste, increasing profits and reporting on traceability and quality of products in real time.

The integrated system allows customer and BRC compliance by enabling pallets to be traced from field to despatch including full packaging mass balance, pallet temperature alerts and predictive shelf life modelling.


DroneAG Field Agent Mobile App

Drone AG – drones for farmers by farmers 

Drone AG supplies drones and provides training courses to enable farmers to maximise the benefits.

Applications include:

  • detecting blackgrass
  • terrain mapping for flood management
  • horticultural analytics
  • high precision boundary mapping



EnviroMonitors – remote monitoring of growing conditions 

onset-hobo-rx3000-weather-station-kit-appEnviroMonitors provides affordable systems that allow remote monitoring of climate and growing environments or soil conditions. The technology provides the data for sound decision-making.

The company is a Premium Dealer for the Davis and RainWise weather stations and is seeing increasing interest from farmers for soil monitoring systems that complementthis equipment. The team is able to configure the ideal system to meet the requirements.

NIAB – putting plant science into practice

NIAB is at the forefront of translating the best and most recent science and information into practice for the benefit of farmers and growers.

Its innovative products and services include:

  • Online and interactive Potato Yield Modelling service from NIAB Digital. By generating real-time forecasts of total and graded potato yields across the season it ensures on-farm and supply chain profitability.
  • Disease diagnostic technologies such as MiniION the portable genome sequencing technology and LAMP, the loop-mediated isothermal amplification, which offers the potential to be used as a simple screening assay in the field

Plater Bio – biostimulants from natural sources

Plater Bio - Russell SharpPlater Bio has developed a portfolio of novel biosimulants and fertilizers derived from naturally occurring materials.

Standout products include:

  • Gold Leaf – the first fertiliser to contain essential nutrients in a fully soluble form
  • Fungal Chitosan – can be used as a biofungicide or biobactericide under EU organic regulations. It is manufactured from fungi and provides a potent elicitor of plant defence mechanisms.
  • Liquid gypsum – 2,000 times more effective than granular gypsum so flocculation will occur at the time of application.


University of Hertfordshire – supporting dynamic agri-tech partnerships


University of Hertfordshire offers Hertfordshire Knowledge Exchange partnerships, which enable companies to benefit from tailored 4-year PhD projects or alternatively to rent facilities or commission scientists to carry out work on their behalf.

This service is part of the Hertfordshire Science Partnership funded by the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and the European Regional Development Fund.

UoH will demonstrate its recent research projects in crop protection, plant physiology and genomics and outcomes from its applied degrees.


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