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If you are reading this, you’ll be doing so from Agri-Tech East’s newly-refreshed website. Having asked a huge amount from our first website, which was hastily-built website in time for our launch back in June 2014, we have finally retired it.  This new, easier-to-use version will hopefully make searching and finding what you want faster and more intuitive, especially on mobile devices.


A wide range of subjects have been covered

So much has changed since we built and populated that very first website.

In the beginning, we needed a vehicle to try and convey what this new, untested organisation was going to be about – what our aims, ambitions, ideas and activities would look like. All very future-focussed and no historical track record, but needing to build excitement, trust and credibility among the target community of farmers, researchers, tech developers, investors and entrepreneurs.

Our first blog, written back in May 2014, considered the frenzied consortium-building underway in the UK to create the new Centres of Agricultural Excellence – now operating in their formal incarnations of Agri-EPI, Agrimetrics, CHAP, CIEL.

Our second blog reflected on the formal launch of Agri-Tech East at Cereals 2014, where we hosted a seminar about how yields and productivity could increase alongside the agenda of environmental sustainability.

This – as I write – is blog number 57.

Growing membership

No members were featured on that first website at launch – those came later when we launched membership in November 2014.

Agri-Tech has moved from lab to field

Our first members included the John Innes Centre, Hutchinsons, Anglia Farmers (now the AF Group), G’s Fresh and Honingham Thorpe Farms.

We are so proud that they are all still members, and have since been joined by over 175 organisations over the years who have become part of our agri-tech ecosystem.

The relaunched website is putting members front and centre of what we do with a new member directory.

We are excited to introduce a new Member News and Views feature on the website – giving our members an additional, alternative platform to promote their product launches, industry insights, investments, and awards.

The popular Innovator Spotlight , which highlights new agri-tech breakthroughs and Leaders in the Field features will remain, giving profile and insights into the activities of experts in the sector.

Integrating our activities with our social media presence has also grown over the years, as has the use of video content and – we hope – our visibility and, more importantly, that of our members. We hope the new website will make it easier to engage and interact with us and each other.

Opportunity Zone

new website
Laura Bouvet applied to join Agri-Tech East after she saw the new post advertised on Opportunity Zone

One example of support for the cluster, is our Opportunity Zone .  This is a place to advertise and find those hard-to-place roles which maybe too technical for the farming trade press, too industry-focussed for the roles coming across the radar of the academic community. Or that require a unique mix of skills across disciplines relating to agri-te

We love hearing that great people have found their new role via the Opportunity Zone – and there are an increasing number who have done so!


So please do take some time to browse the new website – we’d love to hear your comments and contributions. Even better – come and experience for yourself the physical manifestation of the web presence at our events and activities!

We hope the new website makes it even clearer what we do, why we do it, and with whom we do it!

We look forward to seeing you.

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