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We are featuring contributions from a range of service providers with expertise in the agri-tech sector. These advice columns aim to support the business or professional development of the cluster.

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Hannah Smith, Anglia Capital Group featThree steps to raise seed investment

There are many other things to think about when approaching an angel investor, but every case is different, and Hannah Smith from Anglia Capital Group takes us through some of the things that can help you make your pitch.

Act now to plan for the future - Mike Mack, Savills featAct now to plan for the future

The issues surrounding succession of farms, uptake of innovations and welcoming the next generation of farmers and agronomists is a complex one, says Michael Mack of Savills, but there are some important points to remember that can help



Easton Otley The future skills set of agri-tech workforce is in our handsThe future skills set of agri-tech workforce is in ‘our’ hands

We operate at the heart of one of the fastest growing economies in the country, and it is critical that for colleges to stay credible and up to date we need to deliver the skills required by industry that will be needed in the coming decades. However, it would be impossible and wrong for colleges to work in isolation as we would fail miserably. Success lies in active collaboration.



Chrissie Freear, PwC - Fintech and agritechFintech and agri-tech – where’s the linkage?

Can two industries with apparently different purposes really be thought of as comparable and able to support each other? The answer – yes, absolutely, says Chrissie Freear of the PwC Agri-tech team.



Richard Dix, Rural Broadband featCould satellite be the answer to rural broadband?

Many areas of the country still don’t have fast internet access by mobile sim; satellite offers a good option for rural areas and can be easily set up and moved from site to site as required. Speeds of up to 30Mbps and 6Mbps upload are achievable and with the launch of the new European satellites by 2019 we could see 100Mbps or more.



Michael Haverty, The Andersons Centre

Assessing the Economic Viability of Precision Agriculture in UK Farming

Precision farming technologies that were considered almost ‘space-age’ at the start of the decade have now become commonplace, and whilst many of these technologies have potential, there is little information on how their application improves on-farm financial performance. To assess the cost-benefit of precision agriculture, The Andersons Centre has used Andersons’ Loam Farm model to trial precision farming on its wheat enterprise.



Barclays - investing in the futureBarclays: Investing in the future

Barclays has an understanding of the need for innovation and the use of technology to improve efficiency and keep business productive, profitable, viable and vibrant. What are the benefits of investing in the future?



Jonathan Tole - Growing Productivity and ProfitGrowing Productivity and Profit

How many times have you invested in a new piece of technology and not gained the Return On Investment that you wished? It comes down to a successful combination of People, Process and Technology.



stableA Stable alternative to futures for managing volatile prices

Farmers need a predictable income to invest in new technology and bankers need reliable income to support a growing business. To break this deadlock, Stable has developed a simple, affordable risk management tool for farmers, rather than financiers.



Max MacGillivray, RedFox(Un)Successful recruitment in agribusiness

Max MacGillivray, founder of RedFox, recruiter for agri-food and business in the UK and internationally, answers the important question not often asked: “What are the characteristics of unsuccessful people in our sectors?”



3 reasons why your pitch failed

3 Reasons Why Your Pitch Failed

Adelina Chalmers gives her insights into the common reasons why pitches fail and relates this to three decision making sectors of the brain.  If you are pitching your ideas internally or going out for funding then you need to read her tips.