REAP 2017 report: Today’s knowledge meets tomorrow’s technology


Land is finite, so the big question is how best to manage this precious resource to provide enough nutritious food for our population – not just in this decade, but generation after generation.

REAP 2017 approached this issue from a number of perspectives and despite the huge challenges facing the industry, the mood was one of optimism, with an impressive dialogue about the emerging science and technology that is swelling the innovation pipeline.

REAP 2017 - Different perspectives, same goalThe Start-Up Showcase was again a highlight of the conference and the supporting technology exhibition profiled a number of early stage companies that have shown significant progress over recent years.

The wrap up session was a lively debate on the sofa.

We have attempted to capture this energy and enthusiasm in the REAP report and look forward to hearing your views and feedback on what to include in this year’s conference.

REAP 2018 will be on 7th November 2018. 

Rate of change accelerating 

Maria Giraudo and Belinda Clark at REAP 2017
María Beatriz Giraudo, Argentinian farmer and proponent of no-till, brought an international perspective to the debate.

Comparing this conference to our first REAP in 2014, it is clear that the revolution in agri-tech is already well advanced. However, Brexit and the uncertainty it creates has become another driver for an even faster rate of change. The only thing that is certain is that change is underway.

This is why at Agri-Tech East we create an environment for farmers, producers, technologists, researchers and investors to get together to help shape the direction of change to enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of the sector.

If you would like to get involved as a member of Agri-Tech East or attend one of our events do get in touch.

You can read the report in the viewer below, or download the pdf directly here.

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