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A small taster of the technology exhibition at REAP – featured in the video are: Thorvald robot from University of Lincolnshire; Analytik; Olombria; Drone AG; PlaterBio; Harry from Small Robot Company; EnviroMonitors; facial recognition from Consus Fresh Solutions; Robot-Fish from University of Essex.

30MHzSmart sensing for agriculture: 30MHz offers a wireless sensor network that provides growers with everything they need to monitor their crops, growing environment and post-harvest storage.

ADASagricultural R&D and consultancy: ADAS applies digital technologies to challenges across the environmental, agricultural and rural sectors.

Agrimetricsusing data to inspire new solutions: Agrimetrics has developed a new suite of products Field Explorer, which provide a single point of access to data on weather, cropping and soil.

Analytikinnovative scientific instruments: Analytik provides a range of scientific instruments for agri-food supported by consultancy services to tailor the solution for the client.

Clarity BiosolutionsNext generation Quantitative Lateral Flow Reader and Data Management: Clarity Biosolutions discovers and develops novel technologies for both veterinary and clinical diagnostics, including a portable quantitative lateral flow reader which combines the high-resolution performance of laboratory-based readers with the convenience of a mobile phone app.

Consus Fresh Solutionsfield to shelf traceability and quality control: Consus software has been designed to help improve the management of packing processes, cutting waste, increasing profits and reporting on traceability and quality of products in real time.

Drone AGdrones for farmers by farmers: Drone AG supplies drones and provides training courses to enable farmers to maximise the benefits.

EnviroMonitorsremote monitoring of growing conditions. EnviroMonitors provides affordable systems that allow remote monitoring of climate and growing environments or soil conditions. The technology provides the data for sound decision-making.

Martin Lishmancrop storage and quality control products: Martin Lishman Ltd manufacture and distribute specialist agricultural equipment, with an emphasis on crop storage and monitoring, potato quality, spraying and cultivation.

NIABputting plant science into practice: NIAB is at the forefront of translating the best and most recent science and information into practice for the benefit of farmers and growers.

Olombriausing flies as pollinators: Olombria uses specific species of flies to supplement bees as primary pollinators, using advanced, natural chemical signalling and mapping technologies to choreograph their behaviour, placing them just where the crops need them to be.

Plater Bio – biostimulants from natural sources: Plater Bio has developed a portfolio of novel biosimulants and fertilizers derived from naturally occurring materials.

ProDataenvironmental and weather monitoring: Prodata Weather Systems is a specialist supplier of weather stations to measure and to log live weather conditions.

Rade – digital marketing agency: Rade is a digital agency who specialise in creating complex corporate and ecommerce web sites and integrated mobile apps for clients across many industry sectors, but with a strong emphasis on agriculture.

Rural Business Researchsuppliers of applied research and data application: Rural Business Research combines the forces of some of Britain’s top researchers in the field of farming, the environment and rural business, supplying many organisations with rigorous fundamental and applied research and the powerful application of data.

Small Robot Companyutilising robots in Farming As A Service model: Farmers pay a per hectare subscription fee for a robotic hardware service which digitises the farm, and delivers crop care at per-plant precision. Read more about their robot Harry, which was unveiled at REAP, here.

Smith Institutesolving complex challenges by applying mathematical techniques: The Smith Institute uses mathematical expertise to deliver a bespoke, business-led approach to simplify challenges, and offers insight driven by the latest mathematical techniques.

Soil Moisture Sensesoil moisture and climate monitoring: Soil Moisture Sense specialise in the supply of soil/substrate moisture monitoring solutions and irrigation decision support services, as well as environmental and weather monitoring solutions.

University of Essexshowcasing data-collecting Robot-Fish: Robot-Fish is an autonomous robot that looks and swims like a fish, which is fitted with sensors that help Robot-Fish to move and allow it to collect data.

University of Hertfordshiresupporting dynamic agri-tech partnerships: University of Hertfordshire offers Hertfordshire Knowledge Exchange partnerships, which enable companies to benefit from tailored 4-year PhD projects or alternatively to rent facilities or commission scientists to carry out work on their behalf.

University of LincolnLincoln Institute of Agri Food Technology (LIAT): LIAT engages academic staff in a wide range of technology focused research and development projects in conjunction with the industry – including Thorvald, a revolutionary platform with the capability to carry a wide range of sensors in an agricultural environment.


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