REAP Report – Agri-Tech For A Productive Future


There was a upbeat mood at the Agri-Tech East conference REAP 2018, as farmers, growers, technologists and researchers looked towards innovation as a way to create a more productive future.

With the uncertainties around Brexit, the first Agricultural Bill in 70 years and the loss of core agrichemicals, agriculture is at a crossroads, and the discussion at REAP was all about doing things differently.

Delegates were asked to focus on a big question: how to prioritise investment in innovation in agri-tech? Should it be to extract greater value from current crops and practices? Or should we have a greater ambition and see this as an opportunity to radically change the way we use our land and generate food components?

This question was approached in different ways through the day. The emerging technology, the discussions and the big debate are all captured in this REAP report and also in a video made on the day. Read the report in the viewer below or download it here.

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