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Reap cog for webTechnology – literally the “science of craft” is the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or the accomplishment of objectives. Just as the Green Revolution of the 1970’s used new technology  – knowledge of biology and chemistry – to increase UK wheat production by £75m per annum so we can again. With new thinking we can break the current cycle of low profitability and waste.

It’s time for a new agricultural revolution. Nearly every other industry sector – retail, publishing, banking, communications – has been radically changed over recent years through the application of disruptive technology and the same can happen in agriculture. The cost of innovation is falling and it is possible to cherry-pick the technology that has been proven to work in other sectors.

New knowledge also makes it possible to revisit old traditions and understand better the science behind them – allowing the best practice to be captured and improved.

Our members are saying

“Don’t preach to us about the problems facing British agriculture. We know them only too well.”

“Don’t remind us yet again about the challenge of feeding 9 billion mouths by 2050,”

 “Our immediate challenge is for agriculture be profitable and productive as well as environmentally sustainable.”

What everyone is seeking is something that will take the industry out of its rut. It might be a new approach to plant protection but equally it could be a different business model to share risk along the supply chain.

It is possible that the game changer is something that no-one has even thought of yet. But it might well be based around an innovation with a track record in a different sector.

Game changer technology at REAP 2016

As we celebrate our 2nd birthday this month, we are excited to announce the line-up for our national REAP conference.  We have brought together some inspirational speakers – all leaders in their respective fields – who think differently, will challenge current perceptions and talk positively about the technologies they are seeing that could transform the industry.

The best from other industries 

Farmers often tell us that new innovations are all well and good, but they want to see them “de-risked” before they commit time and resources to adopt them.

So we’ve been talking to some big players who have global expertise (and markets) in telecoms, engineering, defence, materials science and electronics, and they are keen to see how they can work with and in agriculture.

Improved on-farm decision support, reliable predictive crop modelling, more accurate supply chain mapping and new risk sharing business models are just some of the Holy Grails for investors and agri-businesses alike. And we need innovations from outside agriculture to help us find them.

REAP is the UK’s only agri-tech conference where you can meet representatives from global agri-business alongside the newest of start-ups, spot the innovators of the future, and see it all in practical action through a series of technical demonstrations and exhibits.

Improving yields

We are also delighted to announce that REAP 2016 is being headlined by world renowned farmer Gary Zimmer, the father of so-called “biological farming” who has invested years of research and understanding of farming systems to apply the best science to agriculture to maximise both soil health and profitability.

Farmers he has worked with have increased yields by 50% or more but as he says….”it is not by doing what they have always done….”

Bringing biology and technology together is a key feature of REAP 2016. Together, innovators and farmers can make a difference.

We know the problems.

Come to REAP and let’s think about how we can solve them together.

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