Smith Institute wins prestigious science prize


Smith Institute’s work supporting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s ground-breaking Broadcast Incentive Auction, has won it an award.

The Smith Institute has been awarded the Operational Research (OR) Society’s acclaimed President’s Medal for it’s work on helping deliver on the promise of Next-Generation Mobile Services,

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s ground-breaking Broadcast Incentive Auction, successfully successfully reorganised radio spectrum allocation across the United States. The auction generated almost $20bn in revenue, over $7bn of which will go directly to the US Treasury to reduce federal deficit.

The reorganisation of radio spectrum achieved by the auction, will enable US wireless companies to increase mobile broadband coverage and deliver next-generation 5G services

“This is a fantastic achievement which recognises the careful work of our team, delivering clarity on an immensely complex project and confidence to our customers. We feel privileged to have worked so closely with the team at FCC whose implementation of this astounding auction design was also recognised with the Franz Edelman Award,” said Dr Heather Tewkesbury
Chief Executive Officer, Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics and Systems Engineering.

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