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SmithsonHill develops collaborative environments to support and enhance Cambridge’s global reputation for innovation, and is a joint venture between Russell Smith Farms and Hill Commercial Investments.

Through a unique combination of land, cutting edge farming, construction expertise and delivering community solutions, the partnership aims to fulfil an important role in facilitating the future success of both business and local communities, as well as to help Cambridge retain its global economic position and contribute to the region’s future prosperity.

SmithsonHill specifically works on projects that are respectful of available resources and how the most can be made of them. Their partnership is united in their vision for the future of AgriTech and how non-agricultural sciences can apply their technologies and innovation to the agriculture field.

A key element of their mission is that through their projects they will contribute to the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’ by attracting the best brains, remain at the cutting edge of technology and provide the environment that will change the future. Working with local communities from the start, SmithsonHill wants to form close relationships to ensure key concerns are addressed and improvements are made around significant items such as infrastructure, transport and biodiversity.

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