Virtual crops and brains for robots – Agri-Tech East members at Cereals


#soilmyundies with AHDBThere may be no escape from Brexit, but there are some offers of support at Cereals (14th-15 June).

AHDB is providing a ‘Brexit bucket list’ with the key questions to be considered by farming businesses preparing for the unknown.

Brown & Co claim they can help ‘Brexit-proof your business’ – bet a few negotiators would appreciate a copy of that!

On a lighter note, De Sangosse is displaying Jarno Trulli’s Jordan F1 car from 2001 to show the winning side of innovation, and AHDB has a #soilmyundies challenge to show the impact of soil management on soil health.

Talking of going underground, NIAB is down in the trenches with the Cereals soil pit and will also be showing new diagnostic techniques for identifying conditions in oilseed rape and field beans.

Bayer is inviting farmers to view ‘disease control from a different angle’ by cutting through through the treated and untreated wheat plots to offer a closer look at disease levels on the various leaf layers.

If you really want to close the yield gap then perhaps virtual reality is the way to go. Hutchinsons in conjunction with Velcourt Ltd will be hosting the “Cereals crop growing challenge” for students, with teams competing to grow the best “virtual” crop of spring barley – they are probably still vulnerable to viruses and bugs even there!

Thorvald in Action
Image courtesy University of Lincoln

The modern equivalent of the cavalry is the promise of robotics. Lincoln Institute for Agri-food Technology will be talking about adding brains to give Thorvald, a pioneering robot, a mind of its own.

To see more details of Agri-Tech East members at Cereals check our page here.

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