Agri-Tech Week: Sonic boom for waste


Lab scale sonic fermentation - Celbius
Lab scale sonic fermentation – Celbius

As food and other organic waste decomposes the bacteria and fungi feeding on it convert the material to another form. This process can be used to create secondary metabolites of enormous commercial importance, for example antibiotics can be made this way.

Steve Taylor of Celbius will be talking about how ultrasonication can be used to extract these important chemicals at ‘Talking Shop’ an event to be held at the Eastern AgriGate Research Hub during Agri-Tech Week.

Celbius and  the John Innes Centre were recently awarded a grant to investigate the effects of ultrasonication on secondary metabolism. The project, led by Dr Andy Truman at the John Innes Centre, is investigating whether secondary metabolite pathways may be up regulated or otherwise modified beneficially through the application of low power ultrasound during the fermentation.

Celbius sister company Zembra have been using extracted plant materials to use a safe slug and snail repellent.  Zlug® is a new natural slug barrier to combat the damage caused by slugs in the garden and in crop fields. The effectiveness of the product, which is fully biodegradable, was shown in trials at JIC.  It acts as a barrier to deter slugs and snails from eating plants, and is safe for pets, birds and children.

Other companies will also be talking about their use of waste at the Talking Shop event which aims to facilitate mutually beneficial contacts.

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