• SoilSense - Dallan Byrne feat

    Soil moisture sensor breakthrough paves way for smart irrigation

    An aerial soil moisture sensor that can provide a detailed map of the water status of a whole field in minutes is being developed by Bristol based SoilSense. The early stage start-up was the audience award winner of Agri-Tech East’s 2017 GROW agri-tech business plan competition.

    The co-founders of SoilSense – Maciej Klemm, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol with specialist knowledge of antenna design and microwave technologies, and Dallan Byrne, an expert in remote sensing – developed the concept for the moisture sensor when investigating improved methods of detecting tumours in the body.

  • Soil-for-Life - Jonathan Tole at GROW 2017

    Soil-For-Life helps farmers prioritise interventions

    “What factors can I influence to improve yield?” This is the question that Jonathan Tole has frequently asked himself. This challenge – faced by farmers worldwide – was the inspiration…

  • Agronomex - Pascale Martin at GROW

    Agronomex makes selling edible waste profitable

    Fresh vegetables that are surplus to orders are frequently left to rot in the field, as the cost of harvesting without a known buyer is too great. Concern about this…

  • The GROW final was held at Agrii

    Robotics and plant intelligence win GROW

    “The future is here already – it is just not evenly distributed,” Michael Lee, Managing Director of Syngenta Ventures, quoted at the final of GROW 2015/16, the UK’s national agri-tech…

  • “Play the long game” – advice at VentureFest East

    The next big idea in the agri-tech sector could take the farming world by storm, but don’t expect it to happen overnight, cautions William Kendall, entrepreneur, investor and organic farmer,…