University of Cambridge

University of CambridgeThe University of Cambridge (UCAM) has unrivalled strengths in research and teaching excellence, providing a source of knowledge and skills in the region.

In the field of Agri-Tech there is a major strength in fundamental plant processes, shared between the Sainsbury Laboratory and Department of Plant Sciences. The role of sustainability on agronomy is led by the Department of Zoology, while technology innovation is undertaken in the Department of Chemistry and Engineering.

Furthermore, UCAM places emphasis on interdisciplinary agricultural research being undertaken through Strategic Research Initiatives such as Global Food Security and Big Data. UCAM has an extensive network of industrial interactions both worldwide and locally, exemplified by the Cambridge cluster and supported by Cambridge Enterprise. These are homes to dynamic communities of researchers already addressing crop-related issues, as recognized by support from research councils, government bodies and international agencies.

UCAM recently began a collaboration with the UK’s National Institute for Agricultural Botany (NIAB), aiming to establish a flexible and dynamic research Centre for Crop Sciences (3CS) to look at advancing fundamental scientific solutions to feeding the world’s population. 3CS will act as a hub that provides global leadership in crop sciences, trains the next generation of experts to deliver sustainable yields for the future, develops crop pre-breeding activities and enables the translation of fundamental research into advice on agronomy.

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