The water balancing act in East Anglia

Published: 21 September, 2015

Water supply and demand is a big issue in East Anglia - Agri-Tech East Water SIG aims to address this

How can farmers and growers increase resilience to water shortage?

Many are already using some strategies such as: improved storage through roof capture and reservoirs; smart abstraction through boreholes and bulk water transfers or improved irrigation using night and drip irrigation. At the next meeting of the Water for Agriculture SIG on the 1st October there will be an opportunity not just to discuss their experiences but also to model different scenarios in an interactive practical session.

There will also be an overview of the overall regulatory environment in which agriculture is operating. This will help build an understanding of how future water demands will be addressed and to gain a view on the scale and urgency of the response needed by the agricultural community.

The roundtable session “Thinking across sectors” will address the following questions:

  • What are the ways to increase supply and/or reduce demand?
  • What role does innovation play in this?
  • Over what time scale should water efficiency measures and demand management operate on?
  • What role does demand management play for public water supply and agriculture?

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