From Worms to Blockchain, and Crop Stress to Artificial Intelligence


Agri-Tech East 2018Jargon used by technologists can be an obstacle to its adoption, so we are busting it this year by selecting the most relevant of the emerging technology streams and exploring its value for agriculture. Farming also has its ‘in phrases’ and we will de-mystify these and see how value can be achieved by taking a fresh approach.  Here are a few of the events we are planning – if you would like to see a subject included for the following year then do contact us. 

Pollinator: Natural Capital Accounting; Counting the Cost (and Value) for Agriculture
Jan 24, Norwich

Funding for agri-techChanges to agricultural support in the UK mean that delivery of ecosystem services is likely to be higher on the agenda that ever before. How can farmers sustainably monetise their natural resources and how can natural capital accounting change the way value is perceived?

This event will look at ways of assessing environmental resources and how this can be used to make a difference to the business bottom line.

Pollinator: Smart Farming: The ‘AI’m of Machine-to-Machine Learning in Agriculture
Feb 20,  Cambridge

Can machines be taught to spot diseased crops and weeds and take action to solve the problem? So-called machine learning is already being used to spot patterns and make decisions – in fraud detection, advertising and self-driving vehicles, and it is poised to be the next new decision support tool for agriculture. Building a connected farm via the Internet of Things – the potential for the Internet of Crops and even the Internet of Animals could be the new wave of technological support for the industry.

We’ll be looking at ways of bringing high-tech machine learning and artificial intelligence onto the farm to add value to experience and agronomy.

Member Give-Get Exchange 2018: PIPS, Jobs and Opps
March 15, Sophi Taylor, NIAB Park Farm, Cambridge

Agri-Tech EastCould your business benefit from three months’ expertise from a post-graduate based at one of the UK’s leading agri-tech research institutions? You might be a farmer looking for a researcher to bring some new thinking into your business, a tech firm needing some agri-insights for your product or service, or an agronomy company wanting to stimulate some new scientific thinking in your skill-set.

Our first member-only event for 2018 will bring together some of the brightest PhD students looking for opportunities with some of the leading agri-businesses and organisations through the research council Post-graduate Professional Internship Scheme. Even if you’re not looking for anyone, come along and tell everyone what you can offer the industry.

SmartAKISSmartAKIS workshop – Finding the Funding

March 22King’s Lynn Innovation Centre, 

The third and final workshop in our partnership with SMART AKIS, the EU smart farming platform will look at possible project ideas to submit for further bids for funding. This is your chance to meet the partners you need to help deliver the project or product you want. We’ll also be talking about other funding options to make the idea a reality.

Pollinator: Trust, Provenance and Blockchain – impacts and opportunities for agriculture
April 24, Sainsbury Labs, Cambridge

Blockchain and the digital cryptocurrencies built on blockchain technology such as Bitcoin are, according to reports, poised to transform the financial industry, providing a secure global footprint of transactions and records. How could blockchain technologies help farmers and growers cut down on red tape, make record keeping easier as well as help them demonstrate regulatory compliance, audit trails and food provenance? Could so-called “smart contracts” and Distributed Ledger Technology make procurement of on-farm goods and services easier and cheaper, and potentially revolutionise the sale of land and holdings?

This is an opportunity to learn “Blockchain 101” and begin to prepare your agri-business for the new way to manage money.

Soil SIG: “Waiting for the Worms”
May 16, Morley 

Calling all charmers! It is well established that earthworms are a good indicator of “soil health” but what can farmers do to encourage more earthworm activity in soils? How can worm numbers be increased and measured – and what types of soils attract which types of worms? And how is the world of worms affected by different cropping and management regimes? This event will tell you everything you wanted to know about worms and their ways, and how they can benefit your soils.

Cereals 2018
June 13 and 14 Chishall Grange, Cambridgeshire

Meet our members at their stands at Cereals 2018, stop by and find out about their research, their products and services and how they can benefit the industry.

Pollinator: Post-Harvest Technologies; Keeping Crops Clean, Cool and (High) Quality
June 19 , Sutton Bridge 

Post-Harvest Technologies; Keeping Crops Clean, Cool and (High) QualityFrom rapid refrigeration to seed cleaning, and from electronic noses to automated environmental control systems, good post-harvest management systems are vital to prevent deterioration and retain the value of the harvested crop. This event will explore a number of new innovations being used to help maintain the quality and integrity of the crop post-harvest, for short and long-term storage.

Innovation Hub: Royal Norfolk Show 
June 27 and 28, Norfolk Showground

The Innovation Hub is becoming a must-see stop at the Royal Norfolk Show. In previous years we’ve featured companies and research organisations working with drones, pioneering new innovations in water management and waste reduction, fit-bits for cattle and the power of pulses…watch this space.

Water SIG “Innovations to Improve Water Management”
Sept 13, Easton College, Norfolk

Recycling and reducing water use for agricultureIn this event we’ll be considering the products, services and practices to help re-use, recycle and retain water in the farming ecosystem. With an emphasis on the practical aspects of water management, we’ll be looking at topics such as smart irrigation, monitoring of leaks, soil moisture retention and water storage options.

Pollinator:  Monitoring Stress – What Are Crops Telling Us?
Oct 16, Rothamsted Research 

Plants are highly evolved to cope with stress, from tiny changes in light intensity, to fluctuations in temperature, availability of water and nutrients, and attack by pests and pathogens. Get into your Zen place as we discuss how to manage plant stress and learn to listen to the crops and manage their stress for them – from new technologies to sentinel plants.

Agri-Tech Week 2018
November 5th – 10th Various

Agr-Tech Week 2018Agri-Tech Week is back for its 5th year and is bigger than ever! An opportunity to meet new customers, clients, collaborators and colleagues and find out the latest in new technologies and innovations in the agri-food tech value chain.

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